Hakkımda - About me

I was born in 1992. I graduated successfully from TED highschool. After that i started Electrical-Electronic Engineering with English education language of Yeditepe University. I am still studying in there. I have ability of circuit analysis and design for electrical-electronic engineering. On the other hand i had some research about how to improve operating system and microprocessor combination. This research includes likewise how to manage central processing unit and random access memory together in one platform. On top of it, i am working on the simple UAV project. This project depend on my research and curiosity of robotic science. My English language ability come from all of during my school education and i can overcome many different issues properly through my language ability. In addition to electronic technology knowledge i have, knowledge of C, Java and Swift software languages. Furthermore i work on iOS application and Android application gradually. Besides these, i interested in fashion / commercial photography with professionally.